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Harihar Bricks is today the leading name in the field of clay products in Gujarat region with over three generations of experience in manufacturing and supply of high - quality clay products

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new t9 brick

new t9 brick

new t9 brick

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The Brick Store - Ahmadabad Leveraging bricks, the durable and sustainable building material, The Brick Store explores boundless possibilities and applications of diverse bricks, ensuring they are durable, robust, and emit less energy too.

Launched in Baroda in 2017, and then in Ahmadabad, The Brick Store is the brainchild of Harihar bricks and JJB, providing a plethora of designs, patterns, styles and sizes to all and sundry. 

The Brick Store is also an art gallery of unique bricks and the proud winner of the prestigious IIID award for “Best retail showroom in India” award.

store timings:

9:30 am to 7:00 pm only (Monday to Saturday)

(if you to at any special day or timings please request a prior appointment)


101, Harmony Icon, near Bagban , party plot, Zydus Hospital Road, Hebatpur Road, Thaltej, Ahmadabad -380054.